Btw, SilverSpring, there is a "03g" now. Would it mean they are gonna implement the missing hardwares there?

01g = psp fat (all motherboards)
02g = psp slim
03g = top secret, but looks like a new model may come. Wether it is something totally new or just something to defeat pandora, is unknown.

Anyways Sony is slow creating a new psp. They started the slim back in 2.71

While working on the future 3.80M33, we found a VERY interesting string in the IPL's playload: "/kd/pspbtcnf_03g.bin"

For those who do not understand here is a bit of history:

since 2.71 and especially in 2.80, we could see a string refering to pspbtcnf_02g which suggested the support of a new hardware or at least of a new operative mode. Later with the slim release we found out that the slim's codename was this infamous 02g (proably standing for second generation) and that it used the _02g modules as well as pspbtcnf_02g
.bin. It means that they worked on slim firmware/kernel for months before the actual hardware was announced/released.

We believe it is the same with the 3rd generation hardware which they are now preparing for sure. Will it be yet another lighter (and pandora proof) psp or will it be the new psp phone ? Time will tell


I should mention, I also thought the HDD + Bluetooth were for another model and not for the slim. But didnt have much proof, this appears to confirm it.

And here is why, those GSensor functions were later removed on slim fw (ie 3.7x). Those functions simply return the NOT_SUPPORTED error on 3.7x. They still only exist on the 3.5x fw.

So what does that leave, not supported on fat AND not supported on slim, so........?
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