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[2007/11/19 23:40 | 分類: PSP掌機王 | by 威爾斯柏 ]
Homebrew scene news flash: Dark_AleX hasn't given up yet

A little over a week ago, we saw Dark AleX unveil a new build for his CFW 3.71 M33-3 + PopsLoader. Recent developments may have led some to believe that the intrepid PlayStation Portable homebrew hero is slowing down. Mathieulh begs to differ.

According to the developer, M33 is still alive and kicking with DAX still at the helm and not planning to give up anytime soon. Here's a snippet of Mathieulh's post on LAN.ST:

Not quite a surprise but I rather make it official, after much reflexion Alex decided to go on with the M33 project, although you should not expect as regular updates as there used to be, for instance the M33 will be updated to future kernels only when believed necessary, thus no 3.72M33 planned (we are waiting on future official firmwares and keep improving M33's features from now on.)

There you have it folks. It looks like DAX has decided to stay in the scene, or at least for the time being. Let's all be patient and wait for future releases from Dark_AleX. As of now, they (M33) are open to suggestions for improvement. Also, Mathieulh invites interested coders who want to devote some of their time with M33 to email. Stay tuned for more info and news about this.
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